Lottery Systems – Guaranteed Success or Failure With Hot Cold and Overdue Filters?

Over the course of the history Pick 4 Lottery players have sought out lottery systems that could predict future winning numbers. Pick 4 lottery players aim to predict which four numbers will win in the next drawing. Pick 4 winning numbers will be drawn in an exact order from 0000 to 9999. There are 10,000 numbers to choose from.

These four digits are then combined to create a winning Pick 4 number. Each digit is drawn and the winning number is 1 – 2, 3 – 4, etc. The payoff for most Pick 4 Lotteries is a fixed amount. These lotteries in the United States have the most common payoff of one $1.00 Straight ticket for matching the four digits correctly. It is $5,000. You can also win with the box ticket option, which allows you to match the winning Pick 4 number in ANY ORDER.

Over the years, many players have used filters to help choose winning numbers. Players believe that their past performance helps them to select the numbers that will make up the next Pick 4 number. Pick 4 lottery system lottery players can use the same old standard filters that they have always used. They rely on hot numbers, cold numbers and overdue number (digits). After sorting through previous Pick 4 numbers, lottery players can determine which digits are in each category based on how often they were drawn.

The “HotThe most draws of the given number of predetermined numbers (0-9) have involved the digits (0-9). The “Cold”The number of times that digits were drawn has been less. The “OverdueThe selected number of drawings has seen the digits drawn the most often or least frequently. The player or computer then counts and sorts the digits according to the data in the program เว็บหวย.

These Pick 4 lottery systems are available online at no charge or you can purchase the software program to produce the results.

I took advantage of a free program offered by one lottery website for the Illinois Pick 4 Lottery on November 1, 2010. It was one for the afternoon drawing and one to the midday drawing. I was trying to determine if the lottery system produced winning Pick 4 numbers. The program only used the simplest filters, which were hot, cold, and overdue. I selected one 50-draw example for each of the Midday and Evening Illinois Pick 4 Lottery drawings. This included drawings from Monday, November 1, 2010 to September 13, 2010. The plan was to analyze the results and make the next 30 drawings.

For theMidday drawingsI was given the following by the computer:Three hot numbersWere9, 1And6;Top three cold numbersThey were4, 8,And2TheTop three overdue numbersWere0, 8.And4. The computer processed all the information and provided me with the ten computer generated combinations that I requested in order to participate in the midday Illinois Pick 4 Lottery drawings.

The evening drawing results were similar.Three hot numbersThey were6, 3.And2;Top three cold numbersThey were4, 0.And5TheTop three overdue numbersWere4, 2.And8. The computer generated ten combinations for me over the next 30 days.

By using these filters, there is a good chance that the computer system will remove digits (0 to 9) from your playlist by collecting the top three numbers in each of three categories. The lottery system will eliminate only one digit in the best case scenario. Three of the ten digits that you have on your play list will likely be eliminated. You can find theMidday drawings 3, 5,And7They wereEliminated. Theevening drawings 1, 7And9They wereRemoved

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